Information for State Agencies

Register a State Agency Team

Do you work for a Texas state government agency? You can participate in the Accessibility Internet Rally (AIR) on a special track with other employees from your agency, as a team, or as an individual (matched by Knowbility with other individuals to form a team)!

As a participant and competitor you will:

  • Have the option to build or improve the website of a Texas state agency or to be matched with a nonprofit, community group or artist client who wants a new website through AIR (you can even “bring” your own client of your choosing – and that client can, indeed, be your own state agency).
  • Learn to create an exciting, interactive web experience that is accessible to everyone. Make yourself stand out with your new accessibility skills and your experience in a global virtual volunteering event!
  • Get access to Knowbility’s online accessibility training to comply with WCAG 2.1 Level AA, ADA and Section 508 standards. You will receive amazing training and support from Knowbility regarding accessible website design and digital inclusion, plus consultations with accessibility experts, training and support valued at more than $2000: prepare to be challenged!

Quick Facts Before You Begin

  • You can register as a state agency team with colleagues (teams must have at least 4 members and no more than 6) or you can register as an individual (and then Knowbility matches you to a team and your team to a client).
  • State Agency teams have the option to work on improving a State Agency site, or a non-profit website of their choosing.

Your team members will be asked to complete a special TexasAIR Team questionnaire so that we understand your skill levels and, as needed, to facilitate matches of State Agency teams to clients.


  • Training materials will be available for all teams through an accessible learning management system which will be provided after registration.

Team Commitments

As a State Agency Team participant, you will be a key part of making this program enjoyable, educational, and successful for Texas and beyond. Please read the commitments below before registering in the TexasAIR program, as they are the things you will be expected to accept responsibility for as a participant.

What is expected of you:

  • Provide at least one phone number and email address for each person on your team (minimum of 4, no more than 6 per AIR-U team.)
  • Designate a team Captain responsible for keeping team members in the loop for program updates or new opportunities for learning and networking.
  • Complete the AIR Team Questionnaire.
  • Meet with your AIR client at least once a week in person, by phone, or by video conference.
  • Check-in with your mentor at least once a week in person, by phone or by video conference.
  • Attend the Kickoff (this will be both online and in-person in Austin, TX)
  • Attend the final day event (online or in-person) and submit the team’s website on the due date.
  • Attend the award ceremony (online or in-person).
  • Transfer the website and maintenance knowledge for such to the AIR client you built the site for.