Final Countdown 2019

Knowbility’s Accessibility Internet Rally is always evolving: we’re always experimenting with ways to make it an even better event to promote digital inclusion and one that keeps the volunteer website designers and developers excited about the rally right up to the finish line.

This year, 2019, Knowbility is hosting an event called the Final Countdown, on Friday, November 15. It will provide an opportunity for AIR teams to get last-minute consultations on the websites they have developed regarding accessibility and will countdown the last seconds of the rally to the deadline for when those sites have to be submitted. Knowbility also encourages anyone who has EVER participated in any Accessibility Internet Rally since its inception in 1998 to consider this event a homecoming, to drop by and reconnect with Knowbility and to see how AIR and digital inclusion have evolved.

At the AIR Final Countdown event, we will offer teams last-minute consultations, from 1 to 3 p.m., with either on-call usability testers Рpeople with disabilities Рor on-call judges. Consultations will be just 20 minutes. Consultations can be in-person, onsite at the event, or online during the event. This is yet another opportunity for the teams to understand how an actual user with a disability is able / unable to access info and function on a website. Each team can meet with ONE accessibility tester at the AIR Final Countdown of their choosing:

  • a sight-impaired user who uses a screen reader
  • a low vision user who uses assistive technology like a screen amplifier
  • someone who navigates the web via keyboard only

In addition, the final countdown will feature an opportunity for teams to “drop the mic” regarding something special they’ve done during the rally in building an accessible website for a nonprofit, community group or artist. These will be short presentations on the show-stopping features teams are most proud of and want the AIR judges to know. These will take place at various times from 3 to 5 p.m.

From 5 to 6 p.m., we will hold the actual countdown, reminding everyone that there’s an hour left, then 45 minutes, then 30 minutes, and… you get the idea! We will count down the last 10 seconds of the Rally as a group as well!

Judging will of websites will begin after the Final Countdown, and winners will be announced at our January 16, 2020 event (details TBA).

Accessibility Internet Rally Final Countdown Event

1 to 6 pm, Friday, November 15

at Galvanize, 119 Nueces St, Austin, Texas

Note: Galvanize does not have a parking area. Parking options are as follows:

  • Garage Parking at Galvanize – $3/15 mins, with a daily max of $30.
  • Street Parking – $2/hr, with clusters of parking concentrated on Nueces St. and in the Seaholm District
  • Garage Parking at Seaholm, $2/15 mins, with a daily max of $20; small walk to get to Galvanize

Note: the area is served by Capital Metro (public transit).

Knowbility has held more than 20 Accessibility Internet Rallies over the years, involving a few thousand website designers and developers altogether! We welcome anyone who has participated in AIR – as a team member, a client, a mentor, a judge, or a vocal cheer leader – to drop by our Final Countdown, reconnect with Knowbility, celebrate the end of this latest AIR, and see how AIR and digital inclusion have evolved.

If you plan on attending, RSVPs are encouraged (but aren’t required). Please let us know you are coming, or even might stop by, by emailing

Press reps: you are welcomed to come to the event and observe and interview participants. Please let us know you are coming, or even on the day of the event, by emailing